Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamsie!!

11 Years ago today, Brea's buddy, James Magnuson, was born. Angela and I were pregnant at the same time and knew our kids would be close in age ... only 20 days apart!

Brea wanted James to open his eyes and play but he was so new to the world, he just wanted to sleep!

They've been growing up together ever since! This picture is when they were chosen to be scrollbearers for the Homecoming coronation. How adorable!

Laughter is something heard frequently when these two are together. Brea would laugh at almost ANYTHING James would do.

A few years ago we were at Chris and Angela's on my birthday. Scott surprised me with a cake so we all shared it. The cute little guy is Sawyer!

We all wish you a Happy Birthday James! Love ya' kid!!


Angela said...

Love the one where they are laughing the "ugly laugh"! Too funny!

Brooke said...