Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's A Girl To Do?

Scott's gone hunting for a few days so I decided I'm NOT going to be spending my time alone. I will be enjoying the company of Edward, Jacob, Mike and Ike.

No ... it's not some other men ...

I'm going to be reading the final book in the Twilight series called Breaking Dawn. I just got started on it this morning and I'm on page 50. Every once in a while I'll grab a treat like a Mike & Ike ... usually it's salty treat as I don't really have a sweet tooth. :)

Brea and her friend, Lainey, are out in the living room playing "daycare." Lainey stayed over last night so the girls could work on a school project together. They had to make a Mohawk Indian longhouse in a shoebox. So ... 38 large craft sticks, 9 rocks, three twigs, 50 pieces of bark some scrapbooking paper and a TON of hot glue, here is their masterpiece!

Hope you have a fun Saturday!

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