Sunday, October 26, 2008

Country Bumpkin Bash

Yes, it's Hickfest '08! Not everyone can pull off being a hick, hillbilly or redneck, but these pictures are worth 1,000 beers! Cheers and Good Times!

Here I am with Kyle and Baby Anna. There's no need to exclude any family members ... even the baby ... from having a good time at a party.

Brooke felt alone without her children there so she "borrowed" Baby Anna for a while. This is so redneck I don't even know where to start. Hick props include: High Life beer, smokes, black teeth ... the list goes on!

Posing with our fabulous host, Kyle ... who we said was my baby daddy - LOL!

This is what happens when fireworks are going off ... guys just hang around and watch in amazement. Note the tractor in the background ... that was Brooke and Trever's mode of transportation for the night. True hillbillies!

It's not a party until there's some haybale rasslin'!

We're not jealous of the pretty girls ... Nikki and Kelly ... who showed up.

Here's to all the rednecks, hillbillies, hicks and country bumpkins who make life so interesting and entertaining. I'm off to watch an episode of My Big Redneck Wedding - hahaha!!


Brooke said...

gotta love bein a hillbilly!!! bumpkins know how to get down and have a GREAT time!! yeeee haaawww!

Karen said...

Toooo fa-un!!!! I actually saw a few tooth-less people when we went south!!! And here I have red-neck country up here!!!!LOL

Marnie said... could fit RIGHT in down here! I saw a similar clan at Wal-mart just yesterday. :-)