Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's A Birthday Bash!

Today we celebrated Brea's birthday with our families. It was fun to have everyone at our house where we feasted on a taco bar, cupcakes and ice cream. Brea got lots of nice gifts and ripped into all of them right away!

Us with the Birthday Girl ... 11 candles ... three were left burning ... yikes!!

Brea showing off her gifts from my Mom. I picked this picture because my Mom changed the pants that Brea has on into capris yesterday. Mom surprised her by taking the extra material and making a little matching purse for her, as well as two small sleeping bags for her Polly dolls.

I like taking pictures of all the kids ... it's fun to see how they've grown over the years. This is Brea with all of her cousins ... Kenzie, Kaitlin, Mac, Ashley, Shelby, Noah and Evan.

And I had to share this for my scrapbooking friends. I found this little treasure at our church's Fall Festival in the Grandma's Attic section. It's an old cup tree. However ... when I saw it, it didn't say cup tree to me at all!!! I decided to take pictures of Brea from her past 10 birthdays (and from when she was born) and hang them on the tree. It's fun seeing how she has grown so much ... but one thing that remains the same is her pudgy little cheeks which are so kissable!

More coming this week ... later peeps!

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