Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fright Night ... When All The Crazies Come Out!

Another Halloween night was upon us ... we're all dressed up and ready to go!

Brea went trick-or-treating with a couples of friends but we did get a picture of her all dressed up. She makes the cutest boxer ... even with a black eye and missing teeth. Her saying for the night, "you should see the other girl!"

He caught me!! My hunky fisherman didn't throw back what he knew as a lucky catch. ;)

Frank 'N Bride (aka Tim and Karen) looking deadly

Angela and Chris ... she made the perfect Snow White

Little Red Riding Hood with her Big Bad Wolf (Ellie and Derek)

The Devil and Angel (Trever and Brooke)

AARRGGGGGHH ... Lisa and Blair, the perfect pirates

Me and Ashley ... a true gangsta chick

Angel ... Mermaid ... Snow White

Now we added Eryn ... who seemed a little batty last night

I couldn't resist getting a picture with Karen ... her outfit was awesome!

Hope you had a fun night out with all the ghouls and goblins in your area!

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Karen said...

so fun to see the pics on your blog!!(we are having internet/router issues so I won't be posting my Halloween pics till tuesday.) What a fun night!! YOUR costume was awesome!!