Sunday, November 16, 2008

Full Of Pride

Scott went hunting this past week up north with Darin and his family. Long story short ... he shot two deer ... one right after the other! The both were following a doe and not paying attention to anything else around them ... like a dead-on shooter like Scott! He said he was on an adrenaline high for at least two hours.

Here's the different pictures from up north, with the last one being when he got home.

So there's a special story attached to these deer ... atleast I think so. They were shot on our friend, Darren's, birthday, with one of my Dad's guns. Both of these amazing men have passed away. Scott and I both had little "chats" with Darren and my Dad just simply saying, "could you send a deer Scott's way." Little did we know that he would be sent two. We'll take the help from our spirits in the sky.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!


Brooke said...


Karen said...

Neat story!!But, eewww.... I know, I know,,,,,it's a sport!!!! Glad Scott had and awesome time.

Awesome Abby said...

These are some freeking huge honkin' deer! I think you need to borrow my professional meat slicer and dehydrator! :)

Susan said...

A - I know they are! We have a meat cutter/grinder so we do process a bunch ourselves. We take the rest to a butcher shop. I used to have a dehydrater ... should have kept it!! :)