Friday, December 12, 2008

Album - Mom's 60th Birthday

I know I've been MIA from my blog for a while, especially with my pages. However!!, I wasn't just laying around eating Bon Bons on the couch with a magazine in one hand and the remote in the other, I've been busy! Here's an album I've been working on for my Mom's 60th birthday party we had back in 2002 for her. Enjoy!

Isn't she just beautiful?! I simply adore this picture of my Mom. It is truly one of my favorites.

Speaking of Adore ... pics with my favorite three people!

We wore pins with pictures of my Mom from different ages in her life.

With her sister Joyce, SIL Muriel, Brother Duane and Sister Janet.

The girls ... Ashley, Shelby and Brea


Mom enjoying the party!

We surprised her with a Bose stereo system for her house as a gift from us girls.

We sang our non-traditional birthday song, which is requested at family birthdays now instead of the classic one.

Lots of family and friends joined in the celebration ...

Random shots I love ...

Just pics of me and my Mom together. :)

Other Happenings ...

This past weekend Scott got HIS old three-wheeler going so Brea was having a great time driving around the yard on it. One problem ... it doesn't have brakes! Yikes! No worries ... we have lots of land and she doesn't go very fast. Besides, Scott was with her half the time teaching her how to drive it properly.

Last, but not least ... we miss you now, we'll miss you forever. ♥

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