Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Notes ...

Friday night we went to the Peterson Family concert held in Willmar. We brought my Mom and Scott's parents with us. It was a great performance! The talent of all the family members was incredible. All of the family live throughout the United States and abroad but come together during the holidays to do a holiday show. The music today is some of the songs they sang. One of them was Oh Holy Night sung by Patty Peterson. It was to die for! She also sang a duet with her brother, Paul, of Silent Night and America The Beautiful ... spectacular! AND they don't use sheet music ... just crazy. The mom, Jeanne, who is 82 years old, would just sit down and play the songs while the others joined in, with one song flowing to the next. Another daughter, Linda, was phenomenal playing jazz and blues-type songs. Another brother, Billy, did a fabulous job playing on the cello. They also had their cousin, Russ, playing on the saxaphone and flute ... perfect additions. Just a great time!

I snagged some of the pictures from the Q102 website. I didn't dare take any during the performance but the lady in front of us worked for Lakeland Broadcasting so I was pretty sure there would be some online to look at.

Jeanne ... the Mom


Jeanne and Patty performing together. The paper on the piano is just a list of songs ... no sheet music used!


Paul and Russ


Patty and Taylor singing together. Patty's son, Issac, is on the drums.

After the performance, you could go and meet them all. Brea took her program and had them all sign it. Amazingly enough, she also thought it was great. I'm adding culture to her life at a young age ... I hope to continue it. My Mom got their new CD, Blessings. I can't wait to hear it!

Us after the concert.

Jeanne and Patty in the "autograph" line.

Brea had her picture taken with Taylor, the 13-year-old of the group.

Other Weekend Notes:

Saturday Scott went fishing all day with John while I spent the day alone at home. I worked on a Christmas project for part of the day and watched a movie to relax as well. Brea stayed overnight at Paul and Carol's after the concert to help decorate and bake for Christmas at their house. She called later in the day to see if she could stay again because today (Sunday), the rest of the crew was coming to help ... meaning the other grandkids! So, we haven't seen her all weekend.

No kid means we're going out - LOL! John and Scott thought we should go to the Legion for a few drinks. I called up Nancy and my friend, Ashley, who joined us a well. No pictures were taken (shock, I know!), but we had a good time ... food, laughter, family ... it doesn't get any better!

Today we are experiencing SNOW ... and lots of it. Right about now we have approximately 3 inches and it's not stopping. Scott said we're expected to get around 9. Yikes! I'm sure every kids is hoping for that ... which would mean NO SCHOOL tomorrow if we get enough!

I hope your Sunday is blessed with lots of smiles and laughter.


Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

Karen said...

I can hear the wind howlin'!! Oh my!!! What are we in for. Went to WalMart this morn! Was so glad to get home!! Sleety snow in the eyes hurts!!! Hey Scott, will my clients be canceling tomorrow?? Or should I ask, will I make it to work??

Susan said...

Thanks ladies!

Karen - I don't dare step outside, it's freezing out there! I know it is cold when Scott is letting Thor stay in the garage. Yikes! I'm thinking some clients might cancel ... but like you said, hopefully YOU make it!

Marnie said...

Hey...just thought I'd add a was 75 here on Sunday! :-) We were wearing shorts and working in the yard! But, today it's 34! Nothing like a 40 degree drop in 24 hours!