Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Much Fun!

Brea has Kaitlin over on their last Friday off before going back to school. They had a BLAST playing Guitar Hero and even convinced me to be the singer. No recordings available - LOL!

On Saturday, we ventured up to Sauk Centre to ride snowmobile with our friends, Bob, Ann, Kevin, Janet and the kids. It started out a little rough as the weather was not cooperating ... sleet freezes INSTANTLY to your shield and you can't see a thing! Grrrr ... We stopped in Melrose to thaw our gear out and have a snack. Here's the girls ... Millie, Amanda, Mac and Brea.

The ladies ... me, Ann (a/k/a Baby Girl) and Janet

and all the boys ... Kevin, Joshua, Bob and Scott

A quick pic as we stopped on the trail. The flurries were coming down a little ... perfect riding. Sidenote: I'm wearing my new Christmas gift from my thoughtful hubby ... new riding gear! LOVE IT!

The night ended with Brea collapsing in the snow making a snow angel in Bob and Ann's lawn. She decided to stay overnight there as we needed to go back on Sunday. The weekend was snow much fun! ;)

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