Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Update ...

I've been MIA on my blog again, but active in real life! I've been working on a scrapbook but it's not done so I can't share pictures. It's just a basic calendar one, but I'm lovin' it!!

Last week was "Back To School" wekk after Christmas vacation. On Tuesday, Brea went to a Science and nature Conference which she thought was fun. She took different classes including recycling and exploring the Arctic.

Wednesday I spent the day helping my Mom clean at her house. We found LOTS of stuff to donate ... good feeling! I came home with a box of treasures as well. I always do!

Thursday was a scrapping and relaxing day for me. I watched a bunch of programs I had recorded as well as the movie Mad Money. No review, it was your basic little film.

Friday I went SHOPPING with my wonderful friend, Tammy. We were swimsuit shopping so the option of the camera being out to take pictures was NOT an option! I should have snapped one during lunch at the Olive Garden, but we were too busy chatting away. Thanks for a fun day chickie!

Friday Brea was asked to be a flower girl for a dance competition at the high school. When parents bought flowers for their daughters, she would deliver it to the room they were in. Her friend, Lainey, was also helping so it was nice having a friend there to be with. Later that night, Bob, Ann, Millie and Mac came up from Sauk Centre for manicotti and Guitar Hero. Again, no pictures were taken (crazy, I know!!) ... we were busy laughing and jammin'!

That brings us to yesterday! Scott was gone so Brea claimed it "Board Game Day" ... NO games that required electricity. Sweet! We played Rings, Razzle, Twister (I was the caller, not a contortionist) and Sorry. We then watched part of the Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel. I love that series ... so cool!

How does she get twisted like that?! This was just one crazy position she was in.

SORRY!! We could play this game over and over again!

Happy Monday!!

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Karen said...

Oh....the days of 'games'!! That was the best when I was a kid{on the farm}! Always made our own fun!! (It hurts to look at Brea doin' Twister!)