Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Could It Get Any Colder?!!

The answer to that is probably YES, however it's super duper cold here today! I put wood in so the house gets nice and toasty and will probably hibernate in my room only to leave for food.

Here's a little snapshot from yesterday. The snow was coming down, eventually leaving about 3 inches on the ground.

And this is this morning!! This is the Windchill report ... ummmm .... brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! We are located in the triangle between Alexandria, St. Cloud and Redwood Falls so it's about -40 here with windchill.

Here's the temperatures ... I think it's around -20 for us.

Every Minnesotan kids' dream - actually if it said CLOSED instead of DELAYED TWO HOURS would be better. :) Note our HIGH is -8. I know some of you are jealous ... admit it!

So here's to freezing our butts off! GOOD TIMES! (not!!!!!)

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Karen said...

Love your Samsung shots!LOL It's like 'yeh, that's us'!! We're living it!