Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

This week at school Brea gets to dress up in different ways ... how fun is that?!! Today is Pajama Day so she's monkeyin' around in these cute PJ's!

On The Scrappy Side ...

Last night our church's CCW group gave a well-derserving girl some money for a trip that she is making this summer for the People to People program. In addition to the funds, I made her this journal for her to keep track of her journey. She loved it!!


You saw a few sneak peeks .. and since Marnie now has this album in her hot little hands, here's pictures of the completed pages!

The front and back pages

I included two big hearts and three little ones to signify the Flynn family

I inked over a regular white flower to coordinate it with the page.

I stamped this little tree from Unity Stamps and then put polka dots on it - it was so adorable!

The spine with their family name on it.

I'll have lots more pictures tomorrow of some journals and notebooks I'm putting in my Etsy shop for sale - have a great Tuesday!!


Marnie said...

I am SO excited about our journaling album! We love it! Shawn was in awe...and that doesn't happen very often as you know. :-) THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have already started putting LOTS of notes in it, and LOVE it! YOU ARE AMAZING! Love ya lots!

Karen said...

Fabulous gift, Susan!!