Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Stuff ...

Yesterday for Brea's school was "Sports and Hats" day ... so she dug out her Kevin Garnett jersey for the sports part and borrowed one of Scott's hats that says "Will Hunt For Food" on it as the hat part. She said a lot of the boys at school wanted her hat!

The girl has attitude!

Today was "Mid-Match and Crazy Hair Day." She had a great time dressing like this and actually getting away with walking out the door! We put her hair in a side pony "like Deb from Napoleon Dynamite." I told her that it was from the 80's - haha!!

The girl has flair - like ohmigawd!!

Gettin' Scrappy With It

Here's a few things I put up on my Etsy shop. I've been adding new things every day! It's been fun creating again, and I have taken time out to do layouts in between. I'll have to post some of those soon too. :)

Very Earthy- live ... laugh ... love ♥ - journal

Shhhh ... Secret journal

"Notes" mini composition journal ... so cute!

I'll post another picture of Brea tomorrow ... she'll be dressed up for another day at school! Til' then ..........


Ingrid said...

Your take on CP's sketch is great. Love the little birdie and flower. Thanks for playing along with us.

Susan said...

Thanks Ingrid! I'm going to post the card here later. I actually sold that album about one hour after I put it on my blog ... it was so cute IRL!

Angela said...

Gotta love the Unity! Thanks for loving up the stamps! Cute!