Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Updating ...

I haven't posted in a while and realized I have a few things I could share so here it goes!

Last Friday night Scott was gone on his snowmobile trip and Brea was staying over at a friend's house so I went to Melvin's to hear the Judd Hoos band.

Here I am with my friend, Shea, and my sister, Nancy. It was fun getting out on the dance floor with them ... good times!!

Another friend ... my little Rayndrop!

And another buddy ... Ashley!

I've been seeing all over the news and even got some pictures in my Inbox (thanks Oleta!) about the crazy weather around the U.S. Yesterday I took this picture to show you how GROSS it is outside. It was raining which melts the snow and turns everything to slush! Yuck!! Time to dig out some rubber boots - LOL!

On The Crafty Side ...

I made a couple of cards from a sketch which will be posted on an online site later this week. This card I made for Scott for Valentine's Day. It's the Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote which I adore!

This one is being sent today to my friend, Marnie, in Texas.

Speaking of Marnie, I posted pictures of my calendar journal a while back. She made a comment that she loved it so I offered to make her one. However, it is being mailed today so I'm only going to give a sneak peek so you can get an idea of what it will look like. Once I know she has it in her hot, little hands, I'll post the entire thing. Here's a sampling!

Scott is getting me some pictures of his trip soon so I'll post those later! Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Karen said...

Great cards, Susan!!! We need snow!!! More snowmobiling to be had!!

Susan said...

Thanks Karen! I agree about the snow ... I need more days to wear the gear hubby got me for Christmas. :)!!!