Friday, March 13, 2009

All Things Green ...

Since I changed my blog up to all GREEN, I thought I would make a post about being green!

Do you remember when green used to be a color instead of something you do, like "go green." I'm all about recycling, but my first love for the word green is the color. For as long as I can remember, my favorite color has been green. With St. Patrick's Day coming up, there is alot of green items popping up on the internet. I thought I would share a bunch of handmade items that I found browsing on Etsy.

Could it get any better? How cute are these little characters? You could leave them out for Valentine's Day AND St. Patrick's Day!

I could find a lot of uses for this ... love that it is corduroy!

How cute is this little dude? He would be perfect sitting in your window just to cheer you up! Like Kermit his cousin says, "It ain't easy being green!"

Simple Beauty ...


Hang it anywhere, just for a reminder.

Look at those eyes, how could you resist this little bugger?!

For glasses or other little items, just a fun thing to use in your purse.

Green ... stripes ... vintage ... motorcycle ... love!

How sweet to have your baby wrapped up in this blanket ... colorful and fun!

Two adorable pieces ... I {adore} these ... great gift idea!

I think I need this ... it's so green AND full of lucky charms!

If I could paint, I would make one of these. How Tweet!

So after spending a little time on Etsy, that's what I found. There are millions of items on there ... something for everyone. I'm off to make something for my own shop ... now I'm inspired toward the green theme ... time to create!

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