Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Madness ...

It has begun! March is always busy for me every day because I help out at the school every monring collecting and counting money for the Sloppy Jo Supper. Brea {loves} it because she gets a ride to school every day!

I did take time to meet my friends on Friday for a casual lunch at Melvin's. Brooke, Ashley and Chasity ... always good for a laugh and spirit booster!

On Saturday, John came out because Scott was helping him fix his snowblower. With the weather we were anticipating, it would be good to have it in working order. The guys ended the day with a round of AC/DC on Guitar Hero! John said, "Crank it up! I like it loud!" So we did ... jammin' to the tunes!

While the guys played GH, I was online participating in one of my guilty pleasures ... Facebook Poker. Too bad it isn't for real money! Then again, I'd be broke because I like to go "all in" too many times!

We also decided to dig into our remodeling project head on! We cleaned out the laundry room and can't wait until these walls are completely stripped of this gross plaster and wallpaper. As you can see, we didn't even think twice about writing on the walls. "Check Your Pockets" ... the big one ... was much needed as there was many Sharpie markers washed in Scott's clothes ... can you say black streaks on everything?! Grrrr ...

Here's the view of the laundry room going into the hallway. I can't even tell you how happy I'll be once this project is DONE! We can then move into our bedroom and the house will be complete.

Another part of the remodeling we're doing upstairs is the bathroom. As I said before, writing on the walls wasn't a big deal for us because we knew we were ripping it out eventually. This became a BIG hit with any kids that stopped here. They had to sign the wall, draw a picture or write something on it. I just had to remind them NOT to do it at home ... just here!

I love the idea of this wall and would love to have something like it when we are done remodeling ... not sure how to incorporate it or how to break the news to Scott that the walls are going to be written on. I guess it might have to be something framed that we can take down! Here's more stuff ... love it!

Even more ... it even spilled over onto the door.

As you can see we got dumped on again. The snow was finally melting. It was making a mess, but it was almost gone! Now we are back to Square One and starting over. If it wasn't cold as well, we'd be out on our snowmobiles!

School was 2 hours late. I bet kids {love} seeing that sign when they come to school in the morning!

I still haven't taken pictures of my scrapbook pages ... that's coming soon ... I promise!

Later Peeps!

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Erik, Laura & Evan said...

WOW--snow!!! It was 80 degress here last weekend...but now it is like 30 (We aren't too spoiled:)