Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Dog's Life

During the past couple of months, Brea's class has visited Glen Oaks, a nursing home in New London. Today was Pet Day for her class so she took Nancy's dog, Max, to show him off to all the residents.

Brea and Max chilling in the entrance before the Parade of Pets!

The residents just adored Max and loved it that he would "shake" when they asked him too. Brea's classmates, as well as the residents, all wanted to keep Max. Our family would miss him WAYYYY to much for that to happen so we made sure he came back home with us!

Now The Weather ...

If it could only figure out what it wants to do!

Yesterday it was raining causing this lake in our front yard! The mud is annoying, the misty rain is irritating and the cold isn't my favorite either.

But the this morning we woke up to SNOW! It's colder and blistery out ... don't like it one bit. I just have to keep the song "Here Comes The Sun" in mind because I know eventually we'll have those beautiful days we truly treasure in Minnesota!!

Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

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