Monday, April 6, 2009

Time Flies ...

It's been a while since I posted but I've been busy with lots of stuff ... mainly helping with the Sloppy Jo Supper that our community puts on. All the while, life still goes on so here's the highlights!

Brea didn't have school last Friday so she had three of her friends stay overnight. Here she is with Amy, Rosemary and Lainey.

Another day she was bored so over comes another friend! This time it was Taylor. Note that the girls are on their bikes during a nice spring day ...

And WINTER came upon us again! Crazy weather we are having as this snow melted within about four hours. Brea said, "Well that was a waste of God's energy!"

Onto the night of the Sloppy Jo Supper! A great turnout which sponsors a portion of the 4th graders' trip to Wolf Ridge next year as well as Post Prom. Brea and Lainey volunteered to wash tables! Great job girls. :)

The next night we went out to the Spicer Firemen's Dance. It was a blast to be around a bunch of family and friends.

Here I am with my girls ...

Debbie and Nancy




Shellie, Tammy and Kim


Rayn and Ashley

Just a random snapshot of me and my Mom at a family gathering at Nancy's house. We were celebrating something fun happening with my Mom! More details later.

And on the homefront, WE HAVE WALLS!! Woo hoo!! This will be the bathroom and closet (in the background) ...

The wall for the bathroom pocket door and plumbing for the vanity. It's always interesting working with an old house ... NOTHING is ever level!

So that's it in a nutshell! I'm going to try and get some scrapping done ... we'll see how much of that happens. I'm hosting Easter so LOTS of cleaning to do. With the remodeling happening, I could dust three times a day. I'm just going to let it pile up ... besides, dust is jsut a country accent!

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