Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

I've been on-the-go lately with something always going on. My latest daily routine is helping my Mom get ready for her big move! She is moving into Spicer to a new home she purchased. I realized that I haven't shared any pictures lately so here you go ... it's a long one so sit back and enjoy!


Our little farm is always a stopping spot for a TON of blackbirds that fly through here. You can actually hear a "whooshing" sounds when they go over the house. Here's the backyard ...

Even more ...

As thick as thieves and they just kept on coming.

This is the start of "the line" in the front yard. What you saw in the other pictures of the backyard is where it continues.


Here's how we changed up the little sign for Easter. :)

We had Ashley and Shelby over for coloring Easter eggs this past Thursday. Brea and Shelby using the Magic Crayon ... such concentration!

Cute Little Dipper ...

This is Shelby's fourth year with us, I believe!

Beautiful polka dots in purple

Ashley joined us this year for the first time. She double-dipped this one to create two colors on one egg ... good job Ash!

Every year the girls make faces. Brea put her in the red dye and it turned out perfect!

Just me and my monogramm egg

The finished eggs ... they look awesome!!

Thanks for a fun afternoon girls. :)

This is their favorite part ... dumping all the colors together in the sink.


This is a cabinet that has been in my family for many, many years. It was once my great, great grandparents. Since my Mom is moving, she asked if I wanted it for my house but after getting it home I realized it needed a little TLC. I {love} the oldness of it, but didn't really care for the peach color on the inside ... SO ...

I painted it! And now it sits in the corner of my dining room. It's like it was meant to be there. :)


On Saturday night we celebrated Mac's 4th birthday.

He used all his muscles to lift the BIG jug of bubbles we gave him.

His favorite gift by a long shot was this Black & Decker work bench. He played on it all night long!

All the kids!


This was Brea's reaction when she found the last gift in her scavenger hunt for Easter presents. A new Nintendo DS game is always a hit.

We hosted Easter so here's few random snapshots during the Easter Egg Hunt. Here's me and Nancy.

My Dad was there in spirit as I wore his old work coat.

The guys watched while the kids and other adults looked for eggs.

Brea and Ashley

All the kids with their goodies after the hunt.

Of course there is always yummy food ...

which includes dessert! Debbie made both of these ... almost too pretty to eat ... almost!

Here we all are gathered for a family picture. Everyone's smiling ... except Noah. Can't see him ...

Here's a close-up! What a nut!

Me and my little Nugget!

Brea with her DS game from Grandma

Me with my Aunt Mur and Mom

Just us at the end of the day .... we felt so extremely blessed to have our family around us today. We hope you all had a great Easter.

I'm headed over to Mom's again today ... lots of stuff to do. Have a great Wednesday!

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