Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here We Are ...

Just a few quick pics from yesterday ...

Here We Are ...

three Americans eating Chinese on an Irish holiday ... gotta love it!!

I supported the green movement with my shirt AND can of DMD. I'm so Irish!

Brea and Scott enjoying their international meal.


The NL-S Girls Basketball team is on their way to STATE! They play tonight so we're wishing them luck!

And the Boys Basketball team is right on their trail! We're hoping the same fate for them ... a trip to STATE!!


Here's just a sampling of what was taking out of our house yesterday. Gotta love these old time homes with walls full of lathe and plaster!

The floors are stripped down because we are putting in a whole new subfloor ... making it all even and straight.

The ceilings, walls and floors all stripped down ... love it!

This grate in the floor was used for heating purposes way back when.

I couldn't leave that little gem in the floor so I had Scott get it out for me. I cleaned it up a bit before taking this picture and plan to really clean it up. We'll see what eventually happens with it.

Another fantastic find was some old newspapers from 1974. They were shoved up above the grate. This one caught our eyes immediately ... a little bit of history!

Since school is closing early, Brea should be home at any time. We're off to run errands and get our hair all done up, new and improved! We'll take pics - LOL!

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