Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update ...

Since there was no school on Friday because of conferences, I had a funny feeling Brea wouldn't be around much most of the weekend. I was right! She had a fun-filled weekend with her friend, Kaitlyn, and her cousins, Evan and Noah. While she was gone, we went over to our friend, Darin's house because it was his birthday!!

Just Us ...

Darin and his daughter, Megan, playing beer pong.
{ sorry about the bad photo ... it was a little dark in there }


While Brea and the boys were at our house on Saturday, we moved the laundry room into our bathroom. It's the permanent location once the room is remodeled. Scott had to drill a hole for the dryer vent, and the kids thought it was cool to look through the wall pipe outside.

And this is the view!! Brea took this picture down the tube ... how funky!

All moved and back in business! Once this room is remodeled, everything will be done in the house! This doesn't happen until AFTER our bathroom and closet area is done.

Speaking of ... Scott tore down the old closet wall and opened this space up! The doorway is what goes into our master bedroom / living area which is already completed except for carpeting. Can I call that a Suite? I think I can!!

The rest of the morning Scott and Darin ripped out all the lathe and started working on the old plaster. It's dusty, it's messy, it's progress! My new favorite word.

Just another pic for the view out into the hallway.

That's it for now! I'm scrapping tomorrow so I'll hopefully have some new layouts to share!

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