Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh What A Night!

Last night was Prom for NLS. I started the day by going to Ashley's house to help her get ready and take pictures (of course!)

Here she is looking stunning in her dress with her handsome date, Hayden Tanner. This picture was taken by George Lake on a beautiful day!

Here's all the kids who showed up to take picture ... what a great-looking group!

A quick snapshot with Ash. :)

We then ventured over to see Kaitlin and her friends. We got there at the end of the pictures being taken so I'm hoping to get more pictures from Kim.

Kaitlin's dress was GORGEOUS! I loved the color and jewel details. She looks beautiful!

Walking in the Grand March ... they look perfect!

Kaitlin and her date, Gus ... lookin' good!

Brea with Bree Adams ... Brea and Bree have this adorable friendship and Bree is a fantastic role model for Brea. Bree looked amazing in her dress!

Debbie and I helped out at Post Prom. The theme was Blast from the Past so there were different eras represented. I dressed in the 50's while Debbie worked hard behind the scenes helping print the pictures that were taken of the kids during the night. I greeted and danced with the kids as they came into Post Prom ... it was a blast! I got home at about 3:30, sleep-deprived, ready to get out of my outfit and oddly catching a second wind ... kindof like Prom 20 years ago - LOL!

Ashley came into Post Prom at the end of the night when the entrance area wasn't super crazy so we caught a quick snapshot. It was dark in the gym so I didn't take many picture ... might have to find someone who did!


Hope you have a great Sunday. :)

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Jada and Patrick said...

OMG, Ashley looked so beautiful!!! Please tell her that from us.