Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend With The Girls!

Scott and Brea were both gone this weekend so I spent some time with some of my favorite girls!

I went out to eat in St. Cloud with a bunch of my high school friends. It was a blast! Here's Missy, Anne, Me, Heidi, Rachel, Kris, Minda and Tisha.

Minni and Tish

Missy and Me

Annie and Me

Minda, Me, Kris and Heidi

The next night I went out to Games Lake to spend time with Tammy. We ate and sat around the campfire, mainly watching the kids having fun!

Me with My Shel-Bee!

On Sunday I ventured up to Minneapolis because one of my besties was there!! Share was in Minnesota because they were flying out to Vegas in the morning. We spent the day shopping at Albertville and then ate at Outback. Yummy ... blooming onion!

Share and Dan ... adore them!!

This is where I spent Memorial Day ... at the Beckers on George Lake. Heaven, right?!

One of the Becker girls ... Lizzy!

The Dog that Brea got up north ... we thought it looked like Lizzy.

Me and Shelby goofing around

And with my favorite girl now and forever infinity ...

I'm doing some cleaning today, going through some slides and scrapbooking! Hope you have a spectacular day. :)

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