Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's Celebrate Me!!

The sun was shining, I celebrated with family and friends AND my guy came home after being gone for three weeks! It was a perfect day!

The chalkboard ... get the 50 cent song in your head to read it!

(A Little Conversation)
Me: Noah, do you know how old I am?
Linda: Remember, she is younger than Mom. How old am I?
Noah: You're 40.
Linda: OK, so how old is Auntie Susie?
Noah (with his nose wrinkled and a slight pause as he looks at me): 20 something.
Me: PERFECT! ... 20 what?
Noah (again with his cute, little, wrinkled nose): 24
Me: That's about right!!

I love that kid even more.

Linda and Mom took me out to lunch at Melvin's. Love their spinach and artichoke dip!

After school, Brea and I went into Willmar to get a few things. We stopped to see Grandma Kosse.

She moved into a new place that is right on our way to town so we'll definitely be visiting more. We bought her a bird feeder and colorful windchimes so she has something to look at besides the back of someone's house.

Later that night I met a bunch of friends at Melvin's for some birthday cocktails. Right on the shores of Green Lake ... beautiful!

Me and the Girls ... Amy, Brooke, Angie, Sabrina, Angela and Eryn

The best part of the day was coming home to Scott who had been gone for three weeks. It's really good to have him home. We missed him like crazy!

Counting down to 40 on a Friday ... can you say PAR-TAY?!

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