Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Happening ...


Friday night I went to "A Night of Hope" with Joel Osteen at the Target Center. You HAVE to leave with a new sense of purpose, belief and fulfillment! It was awesome!

Joel spoke for the majority of the night. They also have a choir that sings a bunch of inspirational songs - brilliant performance!

Me and Debbie on the way to the event

Lisa, Lois (John's Mom), Mom, Auntie Janet, Debbie and Me after the event - dark photo but it was kindof dark in there!


I chaperoned with Brea's class for a day at Sibley yesterday. My group was Brea and her friends Amy, Lainey, Rosemary and Kaitlyn.

Look closely ... see the deer? He was looking straight at us. This is one of three that we saw.

Just Us

Nature ... so perfect and beautiful

After a scavenger hunt, the kids had lunch. Here's Brea and James eating and sharing food.

Dean, Kaitlyn and Brea waiting for the reptile presentation to begin

Lloyd Bakke brought some reptiles with to show the kids and teach them new things about them. He started out mild by bringing out a turtle.

And this lizard thing ... not really sure what it was but it prepared us for what was next!

The snakes!! Harmless is the word he told us!

Then he brought out the boa constrictor. The kids loved watching him.

Brea took a turn holding the snake.

And then she put the boa around her neck ... and dared me to!

So I had to do it! The kids didn't think I would so I had to. It was weird because you could feel it getting tighter around your neck or arms. Yikes!


Thor has a little toy that he plays with ALL the time. We have to throw it and he'll go find it. Last night Scott was throwing it for him and having him jump up and catch it.



Here's the ugly toy ... we have NO idea where he found it but he is absolutely lost without it. The three weeks that Scott was gone it got stuck in the back of his work truck and we couldn't find it anywhere. We thought we would have to hunt down a new one. Thankfully, what was lost is now found and Thor has his little monster toy back!

I'm scrapping and relaxing today ... only today and tomorrow left for school ... then summer vacation begins!!

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