Tuesday, June 9, 2009

School ... Friends ... Etc. ...

Lots happening that I took pictures of so here it goes!

This was Brea on the last day of school. She wore this shirt the first day as well because she thinks it's appropriate, especially now that school is done for the year! It reads: I don't let school interfere with my social life!" How perfect!

Brea stayed at a friend's house the last day of school so Scott and I decided to venture out to the pass. When we got there we spotted all these geese there with lots of little babies.

The babies all stayed together with one couple while the other geese were the protectors on all sides - so cute!

We went down the VERY long dock and Scott threw the dummy for Thor to go get. Look closely - he's jumping in the water to go retrieve it.

Coming back with it - he'd play this game all day if we allowed it!

Swimming in the water just wishing it was the real deal.

Just Us ...

Buck chilled out most of the time and left all the retrieving to the young guy!

Thor worked so hard that he collapsed once we got back up to the cabin.

The next day we spent helping our friends, Mike and Tammy, move into a new cabin they bought on Norway Lake. I made them this little journal for the cabin so they can write down all the fun memories they create with family and friends while there.

The guys putting the dock in ... didn't realize how bright it was!!

Brea and I relaxed for a while while while everyone else was gone.

Later Saturday night we went over to Marquardt's house for a little bon fire with them and the Liens. Trever made some yummy popcorn the old-fashioned way - the Jiffy Pop way!

Brody, Steve and Caden making the s'mores for everyone.

Me & My Guy

Gimme s'more of this cuteness please!!

The girls! ... Joann, Chloe, Brea and Sofia

Late night pic of me and Brooke - GOOD TIMES!

Sunday was a bit chilly here but that didn't stop Brea from sitting outside in her favorite chair that my Mom bought her a few years ago. She just hid under her blanket to stay warm and play on her DS.

She popped out just as she heard me ... brrrrrr!

Last pic of me and Little Man - one of many during a "photo shoot" we had with each other yesterday at Westberg's. I {adore} this little guy!!

Later - I'm scrapping a bit and enjoying a little time outside. :)

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