Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter ... Love It Or Leave It?

So, I'm always one to try something new technology-wise, but I just have one thing to say about Twitter ...

I Don't Get It!

I figure I'm already on Facebook where I can find most of my family and friends who can read my status there if needed. I mean, for example, my Mom isn't on Facebook, and I can't see her "tweeting" either to check my status to see if I'm eating a sandwich, running some errands or cleaning my house. I'm guessing, like my Mom, most people don't care what I'm doing minute to minute! If I update my status on Facebook and let people know little bits about my life and how I'm feeling from DAY TO DAY (not every second), that's good enough for me. Sorry Twitter, but this girl won't be tweeting any time soon!

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