Tuesday, June 16, 2009

40 Pictures ... One Week's Story

Lots going on ... so here's the story in 40 pictures!!

The auctioneers came and picked up all of the stuff in Mom's garage. Here's the start of it in their trailer.

One side of the garage ... seriously!

The other side (sigh ...)

The back of the garage had stuff piled up high as well.
Nah, nah, nah, nah ... nah, nah, nah, nah ... hey, hey, hey ... GOODBYE!!!!

Brea went to Vacation Bible School from Sunday through Wednesday for a few hours at night.

Evan and Noah enjoyed the activities as well.

During the week we had to bring Brea to the doctor to have her tested for scholiosis. Her body is growing taller by the day! Test results came back ... it's all normal!

We went over and picked up her friend, Chloe to spend the day. Here they are playing "spies" and ready to head out on a big adventure!

Pretty Girl

My Beautiful Girl

Breaking the pool in ... I think it was a little chilly!

Chloe takes the plunge!

Brea's turn to jump ...

You can tell by her reaction that it is a bit cold ...

Chloe wanted Brea to squirt her with the water ... they had a blast during this.

The next day we were THRILLED to go to the courthouse as we had the great pleasure of watching Kim, Keith, Kaitlin and Kenzie welcome Konner (his new name!) into the family! WOO HOO!! The adoption is finalized and he is now our nephew/cousin!! We couldn't be happier. We love this kid - he has so much energy and brings such a great spirit to our family.

With the grandparents and the Judge ... who Konner referred to as Judgie!

The new family ... love it!!

Us with the little man ...

The Olson Kids

During the day we stopped at the Spicer Super Stop for a BP event that was taking place there. They had a boat simulator there to drive and pretend you were driving a race boat. Doug jumped in with me and Brea to check out the experience.

This is what the screen looked like ... you could go through the billboards ... very cool.

After the adoption, we stopped there so Konner could try driving the boat - he was a little crazy with the wheel! :)

Later Friday night we went to Alexandria to meet up with our friends, Bob and Ann. It was Bob's birthday so we had to celebrate!

Ann's brother, Phil and his wife, Jackie, joined us.

Just us ... :)

The whole group at Whiskey Creek where we ate supper and had a few drinks.

Yee haw ... I'm older - hahahaha!!

We also went to D. Michael B.'s for a couple of drinks and to watch the rest of a hockey game that was on.

Sunday was a VERY special day for us as we went to Sibley State Park for church followed by Konner's baptism.

Pastor Cory blesses and annoints Konner with the holy water.

A prayer to bless Konner in his journey of faith with God.

A final blessing of the cross on Konner's forehead welcoming him into God's family.

The family with Pastor Cory ... Keith, Konner, Kaitlin, Kenzie and Kim.

The kids ... Kaitlin and Kenzie are Konner's sponsors ... so perfect and sweet!

Brea and Konner after the baptism at Olsons. We went there to have a yummy brunch.

Just me and little man ... we are truly blessed to have him as part of our family!

Brea and Kenzie - adore this picture!

On the crafty side I made a couple of graduation cards. Here's one I made for our friend, Darin's, daughter, Megan, who graduated and had her party on Saturday night.

This is the little frame I made for Konner to always remember to Grow With God.

Hope your week was as special as mine!

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