Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Today ...

I found this on another blog and thought I would fill in the blanks as to what my life is like today!

For Today...

Outside my window ... blue pool, green grass, bright sunshine!

I am thinking ... that it's wonderful I scored a window air conditioner when my Mom moved because I might want to stay inside today, it's crazy hot outside!

I am thankful for... the warmth we have outside and the recent raindrops falling down ... we need both!

From the kitchen ... something on the grill - most likely chicken tonight because we've already ate steak and pork chops this week! We'll also have some yummy produce from The Country Stop. We'll be eating NOTHING that involves the stove ... too hot!

I am wearing ... my bikini with a tank top

I am creating ... layouts from Christmas 2002 - a little behind but I like seeing all the older pictures of my family

I am going ... to eat cheesecake for breakfast.

I am reading ... blogs and stuff online. I got the book The Host by Stephenie Meyer from a friend so I need to start reading that SOON! I've had it for a while.

I am hoping ... that all goes well for two of my friends' family members ... keeping Chas and her family as well as Jon and Bethany in my prayers!!

I am hearing ... Total Drama Island as Brea watches it out in the living room.

Around the house ... clean with the exception of the dining room ... filled with garage sale stuff ready to be priced!

One of my favorite things ... last night we all gathered in the living room to watch a movie together. That doesn't happen very often as we're usually telling Brea that she can't watch it because of violence or language. National Treasure ... good for the whole family!

A few plans for the rest of the week ... tennis for Brea tomorrow, lunch with Ashley tomorrow, easy day on Thursday and who knows what the weekend will bring!!

A picture to share ...

This is from Father's Day ... three of my {favorite} people!!!

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