Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching Up ...

Lots of stuff going on - especially when we had to celebrate two BIG events ... Scott's Birthday and Thanksgiving.

Brea and I went to the Titanic display with her class on a field trip. It was very cool seeing all the things saved from such a tragic even in history. Each person received a boarding pass to enter the exhibit with a real name of a person on the Titanic. They had the story of the person and at the end of the display, you checked the wall to see if you survived or perished. Brea lived ... I passed away. Despite my demise, it was a fun day with all the kids.

Two of my favorite passengers on the voyage!

Another moment this week was Mom signing papers to sell the lake house. I went along with her to take a few pictures and for support!

We went out to eat that night for a celebratory meal - good food!

Scott's birthday was Wednesday night so we met up with family and friends throughout the night to celebrate. Here's the Fab Five out on the town!

Scott with the guys while at the Legion.


Here's one of the people I'm most grateful for ... my heart!

Here's a bunch more ...

Nancy and Auntie Joyce

Linda and Nugget


Nugget and Auntie Muriel

Linda and Lisa (checking out all the Black Friday ads!)

My Mom!!

Brea and Uncle Dewey

Brea, Carol, Kaitlin, Konner, Paul and Kenzie

Ending with another favorite ... my Sweetie.

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING ... good deals - saved money - fun day = loved it!

A bunch of us went to the New London-Spicer football game at the Metrodome.

Me and Bee ... Wildcat Fans!

WE WON - VICTORY!! 28-21

Making history - first time STATE CHAMPS for football!

We're #1!!!

So that's our week in review - enjoy your Monday! :)

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