Friday, March 12, 2010

... Love Album ...

It's like I've forgotten that I even have a blog - holy cow! I have pictures from various events that have taken place since my last post that I'll upload later! There's always something going on so pictures are taken but just remain in the camera ... bad blogger!

So anywho, here's what I've been working on that I told you about ... my Love album! Enjoy the pictures of various pages in the album. :)

The front of the album ... simple and cute!

Title page ... The Things in my Life that I Love!

Brea and Scott ... my life in a nutshell!

The other two members of our family - Buck and Thor. I didn't have pictures of the kitties but they are considered our little pets too!

Family ... enough said!

Music ... love to dance to it, love to sing it (by myself - LOL!), love hearing new and creative people on the scene.

Friends ... true friends are hard to find. I'm glad I have the ones I do!

TV - I'm a reality show junkie along with some other great show. DVR was the greatest invention EVER!

Technology ... where would we be without our computers, little iPods or cell phones? Probably enjoying a more simple life somewhere, huh?!!

Food - I gotta have certain snacks and meals once in a while - it just makes me happy!

Snowmobiling ... it's our winter passion.

Hello Kitty ... I say Hello Super Cuteness!!

And the one thing that inspired the whole album ... one of my favorite days of the year is Valentine's Day. We eat a heart-shaped pizza by candlelight every year. This year we shared the experience with two of Brea's friends - Kaitlyn and Megan. FUN STUFF!!

For the past two days I was helping my friend make a bunch of cards. I was inspired by the ones we made so I'm going to mass produce a bunch just to have on hand. Simple cards ready at any time! Love that!
I've also got my Sturgis album spread out on the dining room table, ready to assemble and make super cute! I can't wait until that one is done ... it will be a fun one to put together.

I hope you're having a great day wherever you are. It's been raining in Minnesota for a few days and could stop ANYTIME now! At least I'm getting some indoor projects worked on. Later all!!


Marnie said...

I LOVE IT! AND...I SO want to be like you when I grow up. :-) You are SO creative, and I am SO not! :-) Miss and love ya' lots!

Susan Westberg said...

Grow up - never! LOL!! You are creative - you nut! Can you imagine the creativeness that would flow between us if we lived close to each other? It would be fun! Miss and love you bunches. :)