Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Green!

Green milk for supper - love it!

I also made this card for a very special lady in my life! Details about the card ... everything except the rick rack and staples was destined for the garbage! It was scraps that were saved for me when I was helping my friend, Angela, with the cards last week. I asked everyone to save their scraps and said I would create something with them. This is just a teeny-tiny portion of what was saved. Woo Hoo for Scraps ... and LESS in the landfill!!

If you are a scrapper and don't hold onto your scraps, you should rethink it! Otherwise, start a bag for me and send them to me ... I'll create masterpieces with them!

♣ ♣ Hope you had a lucky day! ♣ ♣


Karen said...

Sweet card!!! And Happy St.Pat's Day!

janet said...

Gotta love a lady who uses up those scraps! I'm all for keeping items out of the landfill ;-) I love to 'rescue' tossed treasures and upcycle them into things of beauty that will never be thrown away again. Kudos to you Susan! Lovely card. the green milk ;-)