Tuesday, April 6, 2010

* Easter Weekend *

Here's some highlights of our Easter weekend!

... Our Little Beauty ...

Thor playing outside ... this dog has SO much energy!

Playing Tennis

Painting little Easter characters

Noah showing off his artist skills

Cute Little Chick

Noah and his bunny - which he kept calling a dog

Me and my butterfly

... Easter Morning ...

We spent the day with the Westberg family. It was a beautiful day outside!

The Hunt Is ON!!

* Brea collecting Easter eggs *

Kaitlin, Gus and Zoe (the little dog!) searching for treasures

~ With their goodies ~

Brea opening her eggs finding treats and $ Money $

Gus and Kaitlin

Konner getting a little ride around the yard from Brea

Konner opening his blanket he got from us for his birthday. Brea found this material with tools on it ... perfect for the Little Man!

The card I made Konner ...

and the one I made Kaitlin.

We hope you had a blessed Easter and have a great week!

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