Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December!!

I'm not even remotely close to being caught up on the pictures from this year on my blog but I thought I would post some current pictures as well. I decided to take part in a "December Daily" project that a lady in the scrapbooking industry named Ali Edwards does. It's just a little something you can do to remember the month. You could do this for any month really, but she focuses on December.

The way you are suppose to do it is have your entire album ready so you can just add pictures, etc. Mine? It's ready to the point it is going to be because it's not a traditional scrapbook. I had this little box that I covered in cute brown polka dot fabric and then some vintage velvet green ribbon around the edge of the cover. The "pages" are just double-sided cards I made. I figured that I would just pick a page depending on my mood for the day. There is a front side which has bolder patterns, and the backsides have space to write what we did that day.

I'm looking forward to doing this as this has been quite a year for us! It's definitely one I want to document and remember. :) Enjoy my posts about the album!

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