Saturday, December 4, 2010

December ...

Here's a few pictures from the beginning of December.

A sneak peak of the gift we gave Brea for Christmas.

On December 2, I went to see All Shook Up at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre with Lisa, Aunt Janet, Linda and Debbie. This is an annual thing we do the night before our big Family Shopping Day! The performance was awesome!

The next day we shopped 'til we dropped. We ate at the Great Mandarin restaurant, another tradition we have. As you can see we have some packages but this was just the start of the day!

Egg Drop Soup and a fortune cookie ... so good!!

In the middle of the day it started to snow quite heavily. We were in a huge winter storm. HOWEVER, Debbie and I decided to shop through it and actually stopped at different locations on the way home. Put the truck in 4-wheel drive, take it slow and there was no stopping us! Besides, it paid to stop because the first time we went out on the freeway it took us ONE HOUR to go 10 miles. Sheesh!!

Another photo of the roads ... people just drive plain stupid in these conditions.

On December 4 it was our friend, Mike's, birthday so we met him, Tammy and some of his family out for supper. Happy 40th!!!

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