Wednesday, February 16, 2011

... Hayden Paul Westberg!!! ...



was adopted into our family this afternoon!
We are beyond thrilled ... but the journey to this joy started back in April.

Kim and Keith (Scott's sister and brother-in-law) were told by Family Services that a baby was going to be born and would need placement in a foster home. They thought we would be the perfect family to accept this little one, with a possibility of adopting him in the future. We knew in our hearts that we would take on this responsibility with open arms and open hearts, no questioned asked, through all the struggles we knew we were going to endure.

But this day is even more special because with the adoption today, it not only brought Hayden into our family, it also brought two very special boys together ... Hayden and our nephew, Konner ... two cousins who are also forever connected as BROTHERS!

Two boys ... brothers and cousins ... bringing two families even closer together!!

Our whole family helped us celebrate this joyous event today! We couldn't have done it without their support!

{ Hayden }

... ♥ Family ♥ ...

So there you have it ... we opened our home, and most importantly, our hearts, to this little boy who will forever be our SON!! We feel so blessed for this opportunity to keep these two boys in each other's lives so they will also know each other as brothers. God Is Good!!


Brooke said...

I LOVE this story!!! So beyond happy for you, my friends. :)

ellieotteson said...

OH SUSAN!!! I am shedding tears of joy for your family right now!! CONGRATULATIONS on this heartwarming news!!

We are SO HAPPY for you!! Your family will continue to stay in our hearts! We love you!!

Lisa said...

God IS Good! He know's just how things should be...never for us to worry...all will be right! And today it is! I am so happy for you that my heart is bursting! What an amazing story....that is just beginning! much love to you Westbergs!

Susan Westberg said...

Thanks girls! It means the world to us to know that our friends are behind us as well. I know alot of people thought we were cracked, but since they didn't know the whole story, I'm sure there was some judgment placed, and we're OK with that as we knew in our hearts we were doing the right thing. Now that we can tell people, we're hoping they realize we were trying to do a selfless act in an attempt to enrich our whole family's life!

Michelle Ridl said...

This news is so wonderful! God works in wonderful ways and if we are open to his quiet suggestions our reward is HUGE! As your experience showed, the road to get there is never easy but you kept your faith strong, your heart open, family and friends close and ears closed. Blessing to you and your wonderful future! Love,the Ridls. (Michelle)