Sunday, April 24, 2011

* A Blessed Day *

As you can tell it's been a while since I've blogged. That's what happens when we have another wee one in our house ... sometimes there is no time for technology ... and that's okay with us! We've been busy with life, but I'm going to try and upload some pictures later to fill in the gaps of our lives, because those moments are too special NOT to share!

Easter Sunday was an extremely special day for us. It not only represented Christ dying on the cross for us, but we also celebrated bringing Hayden into God's family through Baptism. We had all of our family there with us at the church, followed by everyone coming to our house for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

A long day with lots of pictures so sit back and enjoy!

Easter Morning

Books, books and more books from the Easter Bunny!

Brea with all of her Easter basket goodies!

I wonder how loud he'll get with this little toy. :)

Such a cool kid with shades just like Daddy.

The Baptism

Being blessed with the Holy Water

Being presented to the church as a member of God's family along with another baby that was baptized that day.

* Our Family *

With Father Bryan

Kim, Keith, Debbie and David are Hayden's Godparents ... we are thrilled they said YES!

Scott's Family - Kaitlin, Keith, Kim, Kenzie, Paul, Carol and Konner

Susan's Family - Doug, Nancy, Linda, Mom, Evan, Lisa, Ashley, Shelby, Noah, John, David, Auntie Janet and Debbie

LOTS of oil in his hair means a crazy, little mohawk!

Easter At Our House

Hayden has found a couple of his eggs!

Brea's having fun searching for her eggs. Look how cute she is! :)

All the kids found their goodies.

Mom, Nancy, Shelby, Noah, Debbie and Auntie Janet

Opening some of Hayden's Baptism presents ... this one is a huge rosary from Nancy

His first duck call from Lisa and John

Nancy made this beautiful cake for Hayden ... adore it!

Family Pictures

... so blessed ...

- sister & brother - daughter & son -

SO handsome in the outfit my Mom made for him!

So that's our day in a nutshell. I hope you had a perfect Easter day like we did!

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