Sunday, September 5, 2010

The State Fair ... On A Stick!

My friend, Share, was coming down to the Cities at the same time the State Fair was taking place so we thought we would venture over there for a little looksie! Brea brought her friend, Kaitlyn, with too!

There was a cool place you could buy all kinds of far out stuff. It has this 60's van by it so the girls grabbed some glasses and posed for me. Peace Out!

Nothin' on a Stick! BORING!!

The DNR had a bunch of these cutouts by their building so the girls had fun popping in for a photo. :)

Brea's ready to ride! Is it a Ski-Doo though?!

Kaitlyn taking a ride on the trail.

We met up with Debbie, David, Ashley and Shelby who were there as well. Here's Shelby and Brea with some new baby sheep. So Cute!!

It was a record-breaking day for attendance. I stopped (and almost got ran over!) to take a picture of what was ahead of me ...

and behind me! It was a HUGE sea of people!

Taking a lunch break.

The Beckers

KISS was playing at the outdoor theatre so many people were walking around with KISS gear on. These people looked awesome and would let you sit and take your picture with them. FUN!

Ron Shara and his dog, Raven, were also there. We watch Minnesota Bound and Brea was excited to have her picture taken with them. Ron was so genuine and nice to her ... love it!

Last but not least ... Swanky and Supahstarr together again! Love you!!

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