Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time for the Fair!

We went to the Kandiyohi County Fair with Paul, Carol, Konner and Kenzie.  One of the places we thought Hayden would really enjoy would be the animals - we were right!!

I thought this picture was hilarious!  Nothing like letting Porky and Wilbur kknow the correct temperature they are going to be cooked at!

Checking out the cows with Grandpa

Grandma and Hayden looking at the llamas

Petting the horse named Louise.  She was the horse of Kaitlin's boyfriend so we had to check out both of them ... Thelma and Louise - LOVE IT!

Whenever Hayden wants to get your attention, he literally shifts his body and sticks his face right in yours.  It was so funny when he was doing it to Konner.

Konner was making weird faces and making his giggle!

Sharing a little ice cream with Grandma

Konner wanted to go on a ride so he picked the motorcycle.  He had fun and even went "no handed" just to show off - LOL!

Look at that face!!!

We had a good time ... love my kids - they are so much fun to be around!

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