Monday, August 29, 2011

Well Hello Katy!

I took Brea and her friend, Megan, to the Katy Perry concert that was in St. Paul on August 23.  It was such a great concert ... very entertaining and amazing!!

We went out to eat before the concert for some good food!

I met my friends Michelle, Coretta and Tisha there.  I love seeing my high school friends whenever I can.  :)

The good food I was talking about ... Frickles (deep friend pickles) and mini burgers ... it was all so yummy!

Waiting for Katy to come out and perform.

Oh yeah ... she's on!!!

So fun watching her and the dancers all night long.

She had many costume changes throughout the night.

The stage ... so awesome!!

She got on a little cloud and floated out above the crowd.  It was adorable.

Closeup of her cute, striped guitar while she was on the cloud.

During the song Hot & Cold she did a ton of costume changes ... this is the one at the end where she literally changed with confetti being dumped over her ... spectacular!

With her dancers ... they did an amazing job!

On her little swing singing a love song ... it was beautiful!

At the end of the concert - fabulous!!!

The girls in their new t-shirts.  It was such a great time I spent with Brea!

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