Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's September!!!

This weekend we went up north  to Cross Lake for the Labor Day weekend.  We spent it with Scott's side of the family.

 On the way we always stop in Belgrade to fuel up.  Brea loves the green dino at the gas station.

Hayden fell asleep ... I consider it recharging the little battery!

One night we went into town for pizza and to listen to Rockie Lynne play.  His whole set consisted of songs dedicated to the military.  It was pretty cool.

In the town circle there is a placed called the Chocolate Ox.  It's a quaint, little candy store that has new and old-school candy.  Brea, who is obsessed with Angry Birds, found a game there.

Two kids in a candy store - and they LOVED filling up a bag of goodies while there.

Indulge in chocolate .. very cool!

Enjoying the concert.

Hayden and Konner playing on the bullfish in the town square.

{ adore my pretty girl }

We spent alot of time chasing this little guy!!!  :)

 Always wanting to grab the camera.

So big he has to drink all by himself.  Is that face to die for or what?!!

Rockie performing in the town square.

The next day we took Hayden for a walk down by the lake.

He just had to get down and touch the water!

Very tired at the end of the day ... gotta rest on Grandma.

Before we leave on Monday, one last night down the road.

First Day Of School

All the supplies are ready to go!

She has a schedule so she knows where to go.

The traditional picture by the big ole' tree.  :)

And our baby is off to school!  Yet again, I'm crying inside but happy for her as she starts another part of her learning journey.  She also is riding a new bus for the first time since Kindergarten so we'll see how that experience is once she gets home.

And this pile of stuff will be a yummy roast for supper!  Looking forward to that yumminess!


Karen said...

Beautiful family....your life is truely full of joy!! :)

Susan Westberg said...

Agreed! We are VERY blessed!