Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last Days Of September

Here's a few pics from the last of September including tennis, hunting and playing outside!

September 22 ... Brea had a tennis match in Willmar ... she won every game she played!

Nice serve kid!

September 24 ... Duck Opener ... a BIG day in the Westberg household.  Brea and Scott went out to the duck pass the night before, but after hunting all day, they came home with these babies!  Great job!

It was also the day of the Fall Festival where I purchased this playyard for Hayden.  He LOVES it!

* cutie *

It looks like he is trapped in there, but he didn't care ... he was playing away while we were watching Scott clean the ducks and goose.

My awesome little hunter!

September 25 - Scott and John went out to the pass again this morning and shot even more birds.

When you shoot it, you need to clean it!

Doing a great job Johnny!

After the boys got done, I went in the backyard and picked a bunch of apples from our apple tree to make some yummy apple crisp!

Could I get any luckier as a Mom?  I think not!

These two just love each other.

- beauty -

Thor was tired from fetching the ball that Hayden throws for him.

Gotta give Sissy hugs :)

You can find signs of love ... even if it is oil on the shop floor!

~ our sweet boy ~

September 27 - I received a little surprise in the mail today ... this beautiful bracelet that my friend, Marnie, had made for me with Brea and Hayden's names on it.  I ADORE IT!!  It's seriously one of my favorite pieces I'll ever wear!

It was a GORGEOUS day out so we spent a bunch of time in the backyard.  Hayden discovered the swingset so Brea spent some time pushing him on the two-seater.  He's growing up so fast ... well, they both are!

So that's the end of September in a nutshell - well atleast what I took pictures of!  Hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of our lives.  :)

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