Friday, October 7, 2011

Brea's Birthday Party With Friends

Brea had some of her friends come over after school one day to celebrate her birthday!  We had a hometown football game that night so they were all dressed in their team spirit attire.

Taylor's birthday is the same week as Brea's so Brea suprised her with a little tiger cake because they are her favorite animal.  The girls are Espi, Megan, Taylor, Brea and Kaitlyn.

A close-up of the cake ... I had fun making it for the girls.  :)

Opening some presents ... the Rubik cube which she is determined to solve!

Megan gave her a bunch of stuff she thought Brea would enjoy.  It was so cute!

Onward to the game ... the Wildcats kicking some Sauk Centre butt!

That's alot of black and gold!!

Check out the score ... holy cow!!

At the end of the night ... 54 to 6 ... it was a blowout!

Brea had such a great time with her friends, and it was a nice date night for Scott and I.  :)

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