Saturday, October 8, 2011

Uncle George's John Deere Auction

Debbie and I flew out to the big town of Morristown, South Dakota for my Great Uncle George's John Deere auction.  We were excited to go with Ron, Aaron and Ethan.  We were fortunate enough that they were flying out to Mobridge and then driving the one hour to Morristown.

Here's the plane we took ... it was so nice inside.  The flight only took 40 minutes compared to an atleast six hour drive!!  It was amazing!

Here we are over 25,000 feet and going about 373 miles per hour - crazy!

~ flying the friendly skies ~

Ronnie, me and Debbie during the flight

We landed in Mobridge where I commented that the population was 3,574 and that where we were going to Morristown would only be about 74!!

I was 10 people off ... the big town has 84 people in it.  My Uncle George says they must have taken the census on the day of a town festival and the bar was full - LOL!

The auction was out at the farm ... LOTS of tractors - some newer, some really old - for sale.

The lineup of the newer tractors.

Some of the older tractors and machinery.

About six lines worth of stuff ... something for everyone ~ well, if you need a tractor - LOL!

Lisa modeling the nicest tractor they had for sale.

Mom and I by my Great, Great Grandfather's tractor

Uncle George riding in style during the auction.  If I could have bid on that truck for Scott, I would have!  It was perfect inside!

And the auction begins!!

Me and Mom

Ronnie bidding on the WRONG tractor.  Thankfully someone else outbid him and he realized it just in time to bid on the right one.

Ronnie and Ethan bidding on the "H" tractor ... they one he wanted to get for the kids to have out at the airport.

They won!  Ethan getting comfy on their winning tractor.

Ronnie and Uncle George ... his button says "This is the real George Burns."  He's so cute!

Here's part of the crew that was there to see it all happening ... Debbie, Auntie Janet, Me, Ronnie, Aaron, Ethan, Lisa and Mom

On the way home, we stopped to see Uncle Earl and Aunt Shirley in Mobridge.  Ethan wanted to see the farm Uncle Earl and his son, John, had built over many, many years!

It was massive and amazing!  Ethan was in love and wanted to make one just like it!

It was a fantastic, cold day but I had a blast going there.  Always good times ... it's what you make of it!

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