Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calendar

I *finally* got my Advent calendar done.  I had purchased the little boxes last year after Christmas from an Etsy store.  I bought the bulletin board at Crafts Direct and just spray painted the frame so it was black.  (If you are making one yourself, a little tip I can give you is to slightly sandpaper the wood to take the "plastic" feeling finish off and then use a primer to give it a good base.)

I went through all of my scrap paper to find coordinating papers to use to cover the boxes, as well as grabbing my black stickers to make the numbers.

Here's a closer look at the boxes ...

~ ♥ ~

~ ♥ ~

It's hard to see the extras and bling that make them more fun, but trust me, it's CUTE in person!!

And here was the little card for today ... to make a snow angel family.  Well, that didn't happen.  Why?

NO SNOW!!  Just fog!

Enough fog that school was 2 hours late this morning!  CRAZY!

Hope you are enjoying your December so far.  The holidays are busy, and I can't wait for all the magic that happens.  :)

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