Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Week ... More Pictures!

I'm actually behind because these pictures were taken at the beginning of January.  I'll be adding more and more as I get a chance!

Check out this little guy ... couldn't you just grab him out of there and squeeze him?!

Enjoying a yummy lunch with Mommy and Daddy.


Went to the movie "We Bought A Zoo" with Bee, Evan and his friend, Brandon.

On Saturday the 14th Brea and I had to go down to the Cities to pick up Mom from the airport.  The weather was AWFUL.  We saw seven different vehicles in the ditch.  This one has only three wheels on the ground and it had to have just happened because the people were still inside.

Yep - this is the crap we were driving in.

Here comes Mom!

Giving love to Sissy!

Playing around on the rocker chair.

No lie ... this is how Hayden walks and drives around the house most of the time.  He loves having this bucket on his head.

Oh, are you talking to me?!!

Such a nice day ... 54 degrees in January ... go figure!

And two days later it was down to 12 degrees.  Gotta love Minnesota!

Hayden is finally starting to fold his hands when we say Grace.  It's so cute because the first couple of times Scott had to help him.  :)

Working on my Project Life album from last year ... here's part of that project - all the pictures that needed to be corner rounded.  That's a lot of little bits!!!

And last but not least ... Brea working on her Math homework.  I'll never understand it but she totally gets it so I'm lucky I don't have to help her at all.

More pictures, stories and recipes to come!

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