Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Super Bowl Time!

Are you ready for some football?!!

Last night we went to Lisa and John's house to watch the Super Bowl.  I was bringing an appetizer so I thought it would be fun to present it on something original so ... voila!  I made a football board.

Scott cut the board, I stapled down some astroturf, taped off and sprayed the lines, put some number stickers on and stapled on some goal posts ... easy peasy!  Oh, and the football on the board is actually a hat that I found at Walmart.  Just put a bowl inside and it's such a cuter way to have the bowl of apps on the board.

Yeppers ... I made this!!

With some yummy bacon-wrapped chicken bites on it!

Speaking of good food, check this dessert out that Debbie made.  It's a cheesecake with Oreos, drizzled with chocolate.  :)

Me and my sweetie

Noah's team lost ... this is his reaction.

For the Super Bowl we started a board for the scores at halftime and at the final score.

I won $25 and Johnny won $25 ... woo hoo!!

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