Friday, April 27, 2012

March ... In A Nutshell!

Little did I realize that I haven't updated my blog for a LONG time!!  Here's a little glimpse of our life in March ... April's coming soon.  Remember, I have an almost two-year-old that gets my attention most of the day so blogging takes a backseat to him, but the camera never stops snapping so eventually I'll share photos!

THIS is how we keep a baby out of the fridge and freezer ... not cute but a necessity!

Painting Hayden's room ... which blue should be do?  We actually painted the whole room and HATED the color so we went and got the bottom color.  HATED it so we went back in and got the top color ... LOVED IT!!!

Here's the color of his closet ... adore it!

The blanket in the background is what we were matching the colors to.  Hayden had to be helping every step of the way.  :)

First morning from sleeping in his new big boy room ... he LOVED it!!

New shoes ... pretty fancy.

A night with my girlfriends ... Shannon, Anne and Missy

While out for the night we ate at The Oaks where they serve Spinach and Artichoke Dip ... so good!

Hairball ... is that Jon Bon Jovi?!!

Rockin' out to the 80's!

More girlfriend time ... Chas and Lisa

Hayden playing on his little tractor in the driveway.  It was a little cold that day so he sported his owl hat that Auntie Debbie made him.

Just me and Bee

Spaghetti Tacos ... just like on iCarly

Don't you hate it when something you got from someone you love breaks?!  I got this bowl when my grandparents died.  I used to eat ice cream in it with them and also with my family.  It broke when I put it in the sink.  Boo.

Just a casual day and a pretty girl to share it with!

The boys taking a 4-wheeler ride

Green pancakes for St. Patrick's Day!

I mean, come on!  Could he get any cuter?  Ketchup mustaches are the perfect accessory.  :)

St. Patrick's Day AND Lynette's birthday ... good reason to party!

Me and the Birthday Girl

... so lucky ...

BBQ Pork Sandwiches ... another crockpot recipe

Helping with the Sloppy Jo Supper again this year

Ingredients for a yummy soup ... photo coming up!

Time to stack blocks with the babster

Here's the soup I was talking about ... it was SO good!!

Brea and Shelby at their choir concert

Grandpa, Brea, Hayden and Grandma

So that covers March ... April will be up soon as we celebrated quite a few things during the month!

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