Saturday, June 30, 2012

Game Feed with the Meyers

We ventured up to Sauk Centre to spend some time with Bob, Ann and Millie at a game feed that a customer of Bob's was hosting.  They were making all kinds of food, doing a little shooting and enjoying a nice day.
 The boys shooting Annie Oakley style
 Bee and Annie
 Millie and Me
 An afternoon date with my guy.
 One of many grills they had set up to make the meat.  They brought everything around on trays for us to sample.  It was beyond delicious!
 The table of food that everyone brought.
 Brea's plate ... check out the variety.
 My plate ... we both obviously love the red velvet cake!
 The best of friends!  We couldn't ask for better ones ... seriously!
The girls!

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