Saturday, June 30, 2012

Capturing Life ... June 2012

Here's pictures from our everyday activities in June!  I love being able to spend more time with family and friends during the summer months!
 We got DQ and enjoyed a meal at the park.
 * cutie *
 Enjoying her Blizzard while swinging away!
 Hayden in the wooden truck at the park
 Where am I?!!  Time to hand off the camera again!
 Clean-up day after a storm.
 Heck yes I've got a girl who is just a little bit redneck ... and I love it!
 Pretty pink sky.
 Brea and I love to play Bananagrams.
 Her board ... almost going off the table!
I rock at word games!
 My board.  Check out the word vortex - woo hoo!
 We went up north one weekend to work on the cabine.  The kids enjoyed being down by the lake fishing.
 Gotta love using corn as bait.
 My favorite guys!
 Enjoying a nice summer day!
 Time for ice cream ... it's a tradition!
 THIS is what it looks like when we have two minutes to get ready.  Ugh.
 Grandma and Konner enjoying a treat
 Homemade pizza for supper outside ... yes please!
 Another favorite for us in the summer time is grilling ... Scott's a pro!
 Check out that food - so yummy!
 Can't get a good picture of this kid when he is on the go!
 Our Daisy Girl
I mean, come on!  It was DELISH!
Our friends Liv and Ryan hosted the next revolving bon fire.  Good times!
-- Stacy, Lisa, Me, Angela, Brooke, Elizabeth, Liv and Shera --
Another month of memories completed - love it!

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